Welcome to Japan Dave

Welcome to Japan Dave, my very own personal website containing my collection of photographs and photo projects on Japan.

This website aims to showcase the beauty and culture of Japan through the photos and images that I take. When I first came to Japan, I was amazed by the beauty of the country and its people. I have gone to a lot of countries but I have never experienced the raw and simple beauty that Japan offers. What’s more, the people here are very welcoming and helpful to a first time visitor like me. As I went around the country, I was humbled more and more by the majesty of the country and the openness of its people.

This is the reason why I have decided to showcase the beauty of Japan here. I had all the photos stored in my garage and then my garage door broke. When I called the Milwaukee garage door repairmen to fix it, I realized I wanted to share these pics with everyone. I want everyone to experience the kind of awe and amazement that took hold of me when I first came here. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to travel to the country. All you have to do is go through my website, look at my images and even download the wallpapers I have here. And you can do all of these for FREE. Of course, if you would like to help support this project of mine, I wouldn’t mind offering you my membership scheme that will enable you to download premium images for a regular monthly fee. But this membership scheme is not compulsory. You can always download my regular photos for FREE.

So what kind of images can you expect from this website? Here are just some examples:

  • Scenes with Cherry Blossoms
    The first time I arrived in Japan, it was spring and so cherry blossoms were in bloom. Boy, were they beautiful! Check out my photos of cherry blossoms set amidst the beauty of different parks and places in Japan. Note that what I have showcased here are the yozakura or the cherry blossoms lighted up at night which is a favorite sightseeing pastime of Japanese locals.
  • Sumo wrestling
    Sumo is the national game of Japan that involves the use of tremendous skill and power. There are various places where sumo wrestling is practiced. I took lots of images of sumo wrestling and the wrestlers themselves as I know that they are an important part of Japanese culture. I hope you also get to enjoy this practice here.
  • Japanese castles
    Japan has a lot of castles which play important roles in its history. I have taken a lot of photos of different Japanese castles – the Himeji Castle, Matsumoto Castle, Osaka Castle, Edo Castle, Gifu Castle, Takeda Castle, Odawara Castle and more. I tried to put in as much history that I know of in the photo captions. I hope you enjoy the photos and the majesty of each castle.
  • Japanese Everyday Scenes
    In my collections, I love the photos I took of the regular and routine Japanese scenes especially those taken in the countryside. I loved taking photos of people going about their day. There is just something so beautiful and profound in how the Japanese take their daily tasks seriously.