Welcome to the Gallery page of Japan Dave, where you will access all the images, photos and wallpapers that I have on Japan.

In this particular instance, I will be showing you the images I have taken of the different Japanese castles, most of them historic and have played a huge part in the culture of the country,

Japan’s most historic castles

• Himeji Castle

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Himeji Castle is located in Honmachi, in the Hyogo Prefecture. The castle has been built in 1333, with a white exterior and is a classic example of Japanese castle architecture. This castle stood strong during World War II, having survived unscathed.

• Osaka Castle

This is one of Japan’s most well-known castles and played a very significant part in Japanese unification. This castle experienced a great fire in the 1600s when lightning struck the gunpowder keep. However, it underwent a lot of improvement and repairs over the years.

• Matsumoto Castle

This castle is considered as a National Treasure of Japan, owing to its history. In contrast to the Himeji Castle, this one has a black exterior from which its nickname, Crow Castle, emanated. This castle is known for haing a strong fortress with complex moats, walls and gatehouses.

• Okayama Castle

A stone’s throw away to the Himeji Castle is another black castle called the Okayama. Built in 1597, this castle was destroyed during World War II. In the 1960s, the castle was restored and the golden fish gargoyles that used to decorate the roofs have also been returned.

• Shimbara Castle

The Shimbara Castle is known for its very deep and wide moats that is go all around the area. The castle was a testament to the Shimbara rebellion in retaliation to the oppression imposed by the daimyos of Shimabara.